ZORB Dashboard geolocating alerts

Block outbound data theft in real-time

Immediately visualise the risks to outbound data across your device estate

Integrates with your existing setup – no new equipment needed

Rest assured that your data is going to the right place

Protect Your Data, Intellectual Property and Reputation

14 Day Risk-Free Trial

FIVE free trial licenses

ONE login address to our online Admin Portal

ZERO credit cards required

    We will email you a download link and your trial licenses.

    Q. Can I trial more than 5 devices or extend my trial beyond 14 days?

    → Yes, contact us at info@zorbsecurity.com

    IMPORTANT: Please don’t register multiple times to get extra licenses.

    You wont be able to manage all your devices from one dashboard if you do this.

    Instead, contact us and we’ll happily provide more trial licenses.

    Eliminate Data Theft COMPLETELY

    Ready to eliminate data theft from your entire device estate?