Where ZORB fits in outbound DLP

User working patterns are increasing data exposure

More business data than ever is sent beyond your network perimeter – to remote sites, hybrid workers, the cloud, supply chains.

Exposing your data to a greater risk of theft.

If it's not trusted, it's not sent


Has data come from a trusted program?


Is data going to a trusted recipient?


Inline with company policy? e.g. VPN

Challenge the integrity of every outbound data flow

Start from a “DENY ALL” stance.

Only data flows that pass all THREE crucial checks are transmitted.

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Take back control of data visibility


Reduce sensitive data risk from external influences outside of your control


Eliminate data theft without any specialist technical knowledge required


Easily enforce company-wide outgoing data policies to the cloud and internet

ZORB Data Shield GUI Screenshot showing blocked data

    Block untrusted outbound data before it becomes a breach

   Install-and-go: no technical knowledge needed

    Affordable to scale to all users and hybrid workers

    ZORB cloud dashboards; or integrate your own SIEM

    Geolocate each “block” event for threat triangluation

    Realtime theft assessment across entire user estate

ZORB Dashboard geolocating alerts

Do you need ZORB?

Reputation Protection

Is your business reputation a differentiator?

Sensitive Data

Does your business have sensitive, proprietary data assets?

Hybrid Working

Do your have remote or hybrid workers?

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Do you use cloud applications?

Guide to eliminating DATA THEFT!

Shield your

ZORB shields your data
ZORB shields your reputation
ZORB shields your revenues


Prevent data theft from sources outside of your control

Hacker protection

Bad actor protection

Prevent data theft from hackers or disgruntled employees

Malware protection

Malware protection

Prevent data theft from C2C-malware (botnets, RATs, ransomware)

Cloud upload protection

Cloud data protection

Prevent data theft due to threats to cloud application data during upload

Application vulnerability protection

Application threat protection

Prevent data theft due to app misconfiguration or malicious updates

Eliminate data theft