ZORB Network Shield

Over 80% of work devices share a network with other devices when working from home.

These could be ‘smart’ devices, or family devices.

A single vulnerability in one of these devices could allow a hacker, or malware, access to the corporate network.

IT departments typically have no visibility of these device, let alone any control to keep them patched.

Don’t let a vulnerability in remote worker’s home network become a stepping stone to the corporate network.

ZORB Network Shield


per shield per month

Network Shield protected business data on a Home Network. ZORB has taken corporate cyber technologies and re-engineered them to protect home workers.

  • Outoing data loss detection
  • Covert data transfer detection
  • Hacker/Intruder detection
  • Home network pen-test
  • Home WiFi security pen-test
Apply for Private Beta


ZORB’s Network Shield is available to companies that wish to trial our technology.

We are not ‘officially’ releasing Network Shield for general purchase until we are confident that our detection algorithms and security features support the needs of security support teams.

Re-engineering corporate technology for home worker environments introduces some interesting ethical challenges. Such as user and user’s family privacy, ownership of vulnerabilities etc. Whilst we believe we have solved these challenges on a technical level, we want to work with businesses to solve these on an ethics level.

We have opened our PRIVATE BETA to businesses that want to help us shape Network Shield to become a solution they want to us.

If your business wants to work with us, please apply to our private beta trial.

No. Network Shield has been designed to be easy to set up for even the most non-technical user.

Plug the network cable into your home router.

Plug in the power cable into ZORB.

It’s as easy as that.

Whoever you want. By default, an alert gets sent to your ZORB Dashboard and copied to an IT team email. We can copy the user if you wish.

However, we can send notifications to your SOC, your ticketing system, or individuals in IT.

We can send alerts in whatever format you choose – email, SIEM, ticketing system, Slack, Teams, Salesforce. We can send SMS messages, but these might be chargeable depending on where they go to.

That’s not a bad thing, it means your network as not compromised during the trial.

But don’t get complacent. What if your network is compromised tomorrow? You’ll want ZORB to protect you.

It kind of is – its called Data Shield

The main differences between Data Shield and Network Shield are:

1) Data Shield protects just the device it is installed on. Network Shield protects the entire network. Hence, Network Shield uses more complex  intruder detection algorithms.

2) Network Shield is designed to protect a home network that is shared with other devices, especially smart devices. Network Shield can penetration test the WiFi, router and other networked devices, to notify about vulnerabilities that could allow the work device to be compromised thereby opening up the corporate network to attack.

No. Network Shield connects to the user’s home router to become the “safe” WiFi access point. The user then connects any devices that they want to protect to ZORB’s WiFi. If for any reason they don’t want a device to be protected they can connect this to the router’s WiFi.

There are three different dashboard available.

1) CISO Dashboard is intended to give a overall summary of risk.

This is a simple, single-page, high-level overview of the risk of data breach across the entire user estate.

2) ADMIN Dashboard is intended for the IT/security team with more alert information available and for day-to-day user management.

The dashboards show an historical list of alerts, a real-time view of alerts  and the geolocation of alert on a world map.

We aim to add the ability for admins to whitelist alerts, in the near future.

3) USER Dashboard is optional but provides the user with the same data as the ADMIN Dashboard (See “My user is worried about privacy” below).

{ A video demo of the portal will be available soon. }

ZORB is privacy advocate, we believe in privacy.

Via the USER Dashboard, your user can see the same information as your IT/security team – predominantly details on alerts.

Your IT/security team do not have the ability to inspect your user’s data. ZORB does not care what websites your user visits, as long as they are not malicious.

Let’s face it – there are easier ways to spy on your users if that’s what you want to do.